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Meditation Instructor and Spiritual Guide

I am a Meditation Instructor. I serve at HQ of Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University, Mount Abu.
I am practicing Rajyoga Meditation which is also known as Ancient Yoga of India.
It is a guided Meditation primarily focusing on Self Reflection, Self Realizing, Emerging all the divinity there is the soul by taking powers from the Supreme soul.
The main objective is to reach to the root of a sanskaar(Habit) and transforming it.

I have traveled extensively across the globe and teaching people How to meditate, How to have a peaceful mind, How to be permanent Happy.

I have researched on Effect of food on the mind and the effect of meditation on Food habits.


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Have never seen a calm person like him, he can teach you how to be calm in toughest of condition and hardest time  –  Andrew Straus 


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