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Global Village Worker Business


What does GVW do?

Global Village Worker is a robust start-up company that provides and facilitates global turnkey solutions for remote working. We have realised the potential and developed a new innovative approach to business.  

GVW offers an all-encompassing and integrated system consisting of recruiting software, vetting, background screening, psychometric testing, training programmes, attendance reporting, an employee wellness platform, a complete human resources application system as well as an expert platform.  Lastly mentioned is available 24/7, globally. Further including a custom-developed software system for hiring and consulting, as well as banking service  for accounting and administration.

Above-mentioned services, offered globally, are Unique Selling Points (USPs) of GVW, 

GVW’s Product/Service Details

The primary services offered by GVW consist of 5 elements forming part of the following GVW model:

1.Remote Worker Recruitment

At GVW we are empowering the global workforce with remote workers. Placing the job seeker into the perfect position to be hired with international skills accreditation and training. Both the search for candidates, applicant management, communication and employment are carried out digitally. Allowing the remote worker to work from anywhere in the world.


From local to international recruiting, we find the best global talent to match with a business’ need in all levels and positions. With positions from top companies, we provide job seekers with opportunities to find their dream job. Recruiting a client/employer and employing a jobseeker, either on a temporary, contractual or permanent basis. 

3.Business Remote Work Setup

GVW facilitates businesses with remote work setup that will suit their business needs. Stay competitive by reducing overheads while at the same time providing employees with the flexibility they want. With our comprehensive business facilitation services, a company will be covered and looked after from coordinating meetings to running software and cyber security.


We facilitate the hiring of Experts to solve problems when any company or person runs into them. Experts from across the globe in a wide range of fields help businesses and individuals as it is needed. Our database of Experts and appointment system, facilitates these interactions. Any person with sought after expertise can become one of our Experts; clients can contact one of our Experts to solve problems.

5.Labour broking

GVW offers both Labour Broking and Outsourcing services. The concepts of labour broking and outsourcing are different with respect to the type of employment, job security, treatment of workers and the required skill sets. Labour broking (also known as Temporary Employment Services/TES) is a practice in South Africa in which companies (the end users) employ a “casual” workforce through labour brokers, which are agencies that provide these workers for a short period of time. Labour broking may also be defined as a form of subcontracting, where definite services are procured from an outside supplier. Labour Broking and Outsourcing are two different services but both are necessary to support economic growth in general. According to Deloitte, outsourcing is quite different from labour broking. Outsourcing mostly creates permanent or longer-term, fixed contract employment based on the outsourcing period (usually three or five years), and hired workers are put on the outsourcing service provider’s payroll in most cases. The service provider is bound by the country’s labour legislation and is liable for terminating such employment in any unforeseen circumstances. Unlike TES, outsourcing service providers offer services that the end user would most likely be unable to perform themselves or would not be able to perform effectively due to a lack of skills. As these functions require specific skill sets, those hired by outsourcing service providers cannot be easily replaced. According to Wikipedia, labour brokers are different from recruitment agencies in that labour brokers handle almost all aspects of the worker’s employment (including interviews, recruitment, HR, admin, payroll, transport, etc.), whereas recruitment agencies are only responsible for sourcing candidates for employment. In essence, rather than a company hiring a worker, it hires a labour broker who hires the worker in its stead.[1] In other jurisdictions, labour brokering is referred to as Labour hire, Permatemp, or Employment agency.] Wikipedia GVW offers both Labour Broking and Outsourcing services on a remote working basis due to its adjustable model that makes it possible to cover the support and other services required by all clients regardless if it is a large company or the SME market. Although GVW is a startup company, recruitment of both clients and jobseekers are taking place on a global basis with success on placements of GVW candidates.