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We have a whole team of global Experts, ready to help you solve your problems. Our Experts are accredited and able to complete the job with speed and accuracy, at the required standards. 

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    • IT Software Platforms
    • IT Hardware 
    • Marketing and Social Media
    • Business Development
    • Course Design and Development
    • Teaching
    • Health and Safety
    • Life Coach
    • Career Coach 

How to book a session?

Manage Your Profitable Account

To book a session make use of the Expert System link on the Global Village Worker webpage. This link will take you through to the Expert System Webpage. On this webpage, you can select the client interface and write your specific need in the chatbox. Indicate the type of skill you need, we will find an Expert to assist and communicate with you.


You have to register as a client of Global Village Worker. On registration, you will be provided with a unique client reference number. The unique reference number will be applicable to you for current for future reference. 

Payment for the services booked will be required.  

Once your payment is done the Expert will be informed, successful payment will be regarded as confirmation of your expert appointment.


The last step in our process is to rate our Expert. 

  • How payment works?

    Payment will be done by using a valid credit or debit card. 


     Receipt of your payment will initiate the Expert to start with the task at hand.

  • Price Structure

    The price structure will relate to each Expert’s rating. The ratings are determined by a combination of the Expert’s qualifications, experience, the standard of work, and rating by clients for previous work done. 

  • How to leave feedback

    Your feedback is of great value to us, it will enable us to improve our services. Make use of the chatbox to leave your comments.