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How it works for an expert

Global Village Worker acknowledges the fact that everyone needs help sometimes. It can be from a very simple task to a highly complex task. With our Expert service, we can offer the client immediate help as well as continuous help. We want to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients in terms of the best service every time and all the time. Our Experts are valuable for this service, join us to share your valuable knowledge.

To be an Expert you have to choose the field that you are a specialist in. It can be one element or several elements of your skill set.  You will need references to confirm your expertise. The confirmation can be validated through your qualifications and proof of your experience. The proof of your experience can also include references provided by previous clients. 

You will need to be proficient in working as a remote worker. Proficiency will include your IT ability in IT software, hardware and Internet connection with at least 20mbps up- and download speed.

Global Village Worker will register your skill/s as an Expert skill and in this process we will verify your qualifications, knowledge and skills, validating you to act as an Expert for us. We will also verify your workstation to determine if you will be able to work proficiently using it.

GVW will provide you will all the training required to complete your task at the set standard. We will train you to utilise our applicable systems as well.


Register / Arrange a

To register as an Expert, please make contact with one of our Recruiters at:

Contact detail: 

We facilitate the hiring of Experts to solve problems encountered by people as people run into problems.  Experts from across the globe in a wide range of fields help businesses and individuals as it is needed. Our database of Experts and appointment system facilitates these interactions. Any person with sought-after expertise can become one of our Experts or hire one of our Experts to help a person to solve a problem.