Intro Webinar 22 April 2021 – 7pm CAT


GVW Expert - Thursday - 22nd April - 7 pm CAT



What is an Expert?
Why choose GVW?
What are the requirements for
successful remote
How to discover remote
work opportunities.
How do I become an Expert?

About The Webinar

Don’t miss out on this Webinar! Join the discussion on the opportunities and benefits of remote working. How can experts change their future by changing the way they work.

Learn how to:

  • Promote your services as an Expert.
  • Generate additional income .
  • Advertise your unique skillset.
  • Stop paying escalating and ongoing platform fees.
  • Additional rewards for your working hours.
  • Enjoy future support in becoming an expert in remote working.


About The  Presenter

Chris has 14 years experience of working with global remote workers. Recruiting, training and managing a company that engrossed itself in facilitating and helping its workers to be able to work on a global basis.

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About The webinar

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