HR Professional, Business Performance, Process Design and Project Management

A confident and dynamic, customer-focused strategic consultant, manager, and coach with over 25 years’ experience in the banking, manufacturing and construction industries. A natural leader…

Your partner in individual and organizational mastery and leadership.

Consultants have worked with leaders and executive teams of many organizations to strategize, design and implement processes to grow the organization short and long term.…

Startup & Entrepreneur support
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I am Louis August Wiid, an entrepreneur with a passion for people who want to take their ideas, products, or services to market. With over…

Marketing & Sales Manager
  • $300.00 - $400.00 / hr
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During my youth years at school, I started working for pocket money during weekends, public holidays and school holidays as a waiter in a restaurant…

WorldWide Remote support
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I have 15 Years experience in desktop / laptop / cell phone / printer support Software troubleshooting I am able to work from any location…

Life and Startup Business Coaching
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What a great pleasure to finally meet you! I am an accredited Life and Business Coach and excited to journey with you to ultimately see…

Knowing and Understanding the veracity of Biblical scripture sets you FREE!

A life time of studying the Christian Bible.

Helping you take the next step

I am passionate about eLearning and online systems that help empower people. If you need help or consultation on Learning Management Systems like Moodle or…

I am a Business Analyst with 20 years experience

In my years of working as an Business Analyst I have done Task analysis Needs analysis Problem analysis